The Weaver Family Protection Plan provides You With Peace of Mind That Your HVAC System is Covered!

  • Fall furnace tune-up
  • Spring A/C tune-up
  • $25 off all diagnostic fees
  • 20% off all repairs
  • 10% off indoor air quality products
  • 5% off new equipment
  • Filters delivered
By selecting services included in Weaver Family Heating and Air’s yearly maintenance contract, the homeowner (customer) agrees to the following terms and conditions:

This Plan will be upheld for as long as the Customer continues to pay the monthly fee. If the plan is cancelled by the Customer at any time, service will stop on their next billing date. They will also forfeit the filter that would have been delivered to them on the next filter delivery date.

The Customer must call to schedule their A/C and Furnace tune-up(s).

This contract covers one (1) heating and air conditioning system. If there are multiple systems on the property, the customer must specify which system is being covered at the beginning of the effective period.

This Plan is transferrable in the case that a customer would move. In such case the Plan would cover the customer’s new address for as long as they continue to pay the monthly fee. However, it is the Customers responsibility to inform Weaver Family Heating and Air of the new address and filter size. If they do not inform Weaver Family Heating and Air filters will be delivered to their most recent address.

Filters delivered covers 1″ filters on a three-month cycle and will be delivered to your door. (January, April, July, October) Filters delivered covers media filters (2″-5″) on a six-month cycle and will be delivered to your door. (January, July) Filters will be delivered on the next following delivery date after subscription has started. The Customer is responsible for installing the filter after it has been delivered by Weaver Family Heating and Air.

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